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Friday, December 01, 2006

When It Rains

Car. Just died. Officially.

AFTER the 800 bucks two weeks ago when the radiator overheated and we had to replace it and get new hoses.

AFTER the 50 bucks for the failed smog check.

AFTER the 100 bucks for the new switch that caused us to fail the smog check.

AFTER the 150 bucks for the brake job we did at the same time because we were going to have to do one sooner rather than later.

AFTER the 100 bucks we just sent in to DMV to renew my registration, trying to avoid having to pay a late fee and being assured the switch fix should solve the smog check failure problem.

NOW it turns out that the whole radiator thing cracked a head gasket, and it'd cost 2 GRAND to fix it.

All this AFTER I spent the morning trying to make sure I get all my vacation pay when I'm LAID OFF at the end of this month.


Helloooooooooo used car lot.

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