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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Just the Facts, Ma'am

They've hired a teacher to replace Mrs. W, or so Mrs. W told me when she called me this evening. (She called because we didn't get to talk today during recess when I was volunteering and she wanted to catch up with me and how I think N is doing. Man, I'll miss her.)

The kids got the first of the year's three report cards today. Em got her usual: lots of 3s (at grade level) and even a few fours (above grade level). N got about half 3s and half 2s (approaching grade level). I think that's accurate in terms of the work he's brought home and that he does in class, but not accurate in terms of what I know he has inside him. Still, I was pleased, especially since he got all Es (Excellent) in the social/listening/cooperation category, with only one S (Satisfactory). They both got the traditional good-report-card presents (usually something vaguely educational), so everyone was happy.

I had lunch with two of my buddies/colleagues from ParentsConnect today. I love hanging with those guys. They're both brilliant and funny and interesting to talk to.

I had a session of my Reintroduction to Judaism class this evening, from 7:30 until 9:30, but I wound up hanging around and talking for another half hour. The time flies in that class. I'm not only learning boatloads of stuff, both trivial and substantive, but I leave there feeling almost physically full, what with all the food for thought it provides me.

I have more work and social commitments coming up in the next four or five days than any one person should even THINK about having.

NaBloPoMo is over. Let the slacking off begin.

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