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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tryptophan Rocks

There were 11 people in my house today, and a 22-pound turkey. And gravy from the pan. And my special home-made cranberry sauce. And what will forevermore be my standard mashed potatoes, the make-ahead recipe I got from a Betty Crocker email. And my already-standard sweet-potato recipe. And a fabulous brussels sprouts and garlic recipe I pulled out of Vegetarian Times. And stuffing made by my awesome and lovely friends Marc and Glen. And cornbread that Em made, all by herself, and was incredible. And the apple pie Baroy made. And the rice-krispy-treat turkeys WeeyumWise's mom made, along with the pumpkin pie she made as well.

There was wine and beer and sparking apple cider and coffee. There was a very happy puppy who got to hang with us until there was nowhere to put the food but within his ravenous reach, but who then got plenty of smuggled-out-to-him-in-the-backyard turkey from a number of different people who thought he was being neglected.

There was talking, but no arguing. There was laughing; so much so that there were tears as well. There was a kids' table, populated by N and WeeyumWise. There was a very proud and happy Em at the adults' table.

And there were thanks. Lots and lots of thanks. Lots and lots to be thankful for, with the top two being friends and family, both those who were able to join us, and those who are only geographically far away.

Now, to sleep. Because holy moly am I ever full. And tired.

Yup. It's Thanksgiving, all right.


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