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Friday, November 24, 2006

More Malaise, Emphasis on the Laise

I fell asleep at around 11, putting N to bed. Considering it couldn't have taken him more than 30 seconds to pass out, this means it took me no more than 31.

I woke up at 1:30 to stumble up to my bed, noticing that Baroy had done ALL the dishes, returned the kitchen table to the kitchen, swept everything, even cleaned the counters. I love that man.

I woke up at around 8, hearing the kids downstairs. Since nobody seemed to need me, I turned on my work laptop, which I've been keeping up in my room, and checked emails, etc. Baroy, coming up to get his shoes on to take Snug to the dog park, laughed and said he was pretty sure that this was what the Pilgrims did on the day after Thanksgiving...lazed in bed and surfed the Web. That man mankes me laugh.

While he was gone, the kids came upstairs and climbed into bed with me. They scratched my back and then laid on it (and is there anything more heavenly than a warm, heavy body stretched out on an aching back?), and cuddled with me until they got bored; after I responded to a request for homemade french toast with "I'm not cooking for a MONTH, thank you very much," they went downstairs and got themselves some cereal. I snuggled back under the covers, heard Baroy return home, and promptly fell back to sleep until 12:45. I love that man.

Now it's 6:45, and I'm fighting valiantly to stay awake. I took a walk in the brisk-for-Los-Angeles late afternoon air, but it's done me no good. I'm TIRED. I'm LAZY. I'm MALAISE-Y.

Damn that tryptophan is good. Sleep tight, everyone.

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