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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


* Not so much on the ire. Or on the agreement. Or on anything, for that matter. I have a feeling you all think I'm turning into Crazy Religious Lady. Well, you definitely got the crazy part right.

* N got on the scale in my bathroom the other day, and then insisted that I get on after him. I outweigh him by exactly 100 pounds. Damn, that Lexapro is helping me to pack on the pounds.

* I've recently started doing some freelance work for a female essayist/comedian/radio personality who has, for many years now, been one of my heroes and among my absolute favorite writers out there. (I'm not naming names only because I'm never sure about whether or not it's 'kosher' to proclaim yourself as so-and-so's scriptwriter, or if you're supposed to help them keep up the fiction that they regularly produce a body of work so broad and so wide that it would require no sleep and several additional hours in the day for them to even attempt it.) So you can only imagine my elation when, after she went to edit one of the first of my pieces, she emailed my friend and editor and told her that "this writer is clever" and that there was "some quality prose here." Swoooooooooooon. Of course, she then went and added on a single phrase at the end of what I'd written that brought the entire thing together and left me sitting there, slack-jawed, thinking, "How does she DO that?" Still, as a result of her praise, I can now officially die happy.

* I've been given a bunch of new work and a whole new set of responsibilities over at ParentsConnect, which are keeping me engaged and busy and occasionally pulling my hair out. But in a good way. I guess. In any case, we're putting together lots of new content in preparation for some changes that are going to hit the site sometime in early spring. Stay tuned.

* My university job? What university job? Oh, the one which is still paying me until the end of the year, but which I wrote off as of the day that I had to begin arguing with them over vacation pay, and shut the door on as of the day that I filled out an application for medical insurance that will eventually bankrupt us--not with premiums, which are low, but with deductibles, which are almost as high as what I make in a year. Yay for healthcare in the U S of A!

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