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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Replies, Ironies, News

REPLIES: The Divine Miss K (and she is) sent me this link, to Jane Brody's New York Times article about the various benefits of neurontin. I'm not taking it for night sweats, although there was a period there when I had some nasty ones. Of course, now that I'm trying to think back to when they were and what I was taking at the time, I'm coming up with nothin'. So I'm afraid I cannot be an illuminating anecdote on this subject. I may even be an anti-dote [groan], because I can't swear that it wasn't during the time that I was taking a rather large-ish dose of the stuff that I was having those sweats. All I know is they went away a few months back, and I'm perfectly happy not to explore the subject any further.

IRONIES: So, Monday is my first day as a telecommuting, freelancing, work-at-home mom! Yippee! Except, um. Let's see: Monday at 8:30 am I have a meeting with my new part-time boss at the medical school, and some of my new colleagues. After that, I have a meeting in my soon-to-be-old office with the designers for the medical school's annual report, which I'll be writing as part of my new part-time job. After that, my soon-to-be-old office is having a baby shower for one of my soon-to-be-old colleagues. I figure I should be able to get out of there by around 1, 1:30. Which is exactly when I leave the office on Mondays in my current, soon-to-be-old job. Yay telecommuting!

NEWS: Not that you all spend hours each day reading and rereading my archives, but I'm going to be doing a bit of construction and cleaning back there over the next couple of days or weeks in preparation for a likely (though not yet signed-on-the-dotted-line) move to another server and a bigger, better venue. It all has to do with that "new parenting website" I've mentioned in the past, and I cannot tell you how excited I am. No, really. I cannot tell you. Because, see, I've signed this confidentiality agreement...

Anyway, as soon as I can say more, I will. I think it will be A Very Good Thing for me, for this site, for its visibility. I can't wait. But I have to, because the wheels of progress, they do turn slowly.

Don't worry, though. I'll leave a forwarding address, I promise. And a few posts directing you to the new site, assuming the address changes. And emails to those of you who've commented here so that you know where to go. And banners and skywriters and carrier pigeons and personal visits to each and every one of your front doors. Not that I'm self-promoting or anything like that...

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