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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Dum DumDaDum Dum Dum

I graduated from therapy yesterday! I'm fixed! (Shut up, you.)

You'd think I'd have lots and lots to say about that, but I don't. It was obvious to both of us that, in the absence of new Stalker Sightings, the rest of my problems have significantly abated over time. Taking that final step, finding myself work that I can be excited about and by, taking control over a situation I thought was uncontrollable...that's been done. When I first started seeing her, a year and a bit ago, I was absolutely certain that there was no way out for me at my job and in my unhappiness. And then, suddenly, there was. Or at least I could recognize the options before me, and consider the trade-offs, and have control over whether I did or did not do something to make myself happier. Which she did for me, or with me. And for which I am truly grateful.

So I have control. And I'm happy (though I feel great trepidation saying that, putting it out there, lest the gods of hubris strike me down). Certainly, I'm less anxious, and less scared about what will happen if I become anxious. I'm still me, and I still have my foibles, and I still don't have control over Stalker Girl, but I'm about as well-positioned as I can be in this, my life. And so I'm moving on, though with the promise that I can come scampering back should the need arise, of course.

The only bummer? No cap and gown. And no senior prom. I never did get a senior prom.

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