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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Separation of Church and State?

I am going this afternoon to enroll N in kindergarten. I have, finally, gotten together his proof of immunization, his TB test, his paperwork, the utility bills to prove residency. I also need to gather something to prove his age and legal name. Here are my options, per the information sheet sent home:

Proof of age and legal name: The child's legal name must be used on all school records. Please supply one of the following (originals only -- please, no photocopies)
1. Birth certificate
2. Passport/Visa/I94 Card
3. Baptism Certificate

Yes. You read that right. A baptism certificate is considered proof of age and legal name. Because, you know, baptism is state-sanctioned and legally binding, right?

You have no idea how close I am to bringing in N's brit milah--his certificate of circumcision--and insisting that it be accepted as his proof of age and legal name. After all, a bris is always done eight days after birth, and that IS his legal name...well, his legal Hebrew name, at least. My fear, of course, is not having the argument with the school district--if you don't know how much I would relish that, you don't know the big ball of bitterness that is me--but that some day years in the future N will spontaneously and retroactively die of embarrassment. ("Oh, god, mom, tell me you did NOT make them photocopy my bris certificate and put it in my permanent record!")

Oh, all right. I'll behave. But really. I mean, REALLY.

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