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Friday, February 03, 2006

On The Cusp

I've been quiet because I've been overwhelmed. Which doesn't usually silence me. Nothing usually silences me. But I'm overwhelmed by what looks very much like the final pieces falling into place for my departure from this job and my foray into the (very, very, very scary) world of freelancing. I am in the process of being offered the second steady job I need to make this happen, but the i's aren't dotted yet, so I'm in a little bit of a holding pattern. I'm applying for private health insurance, and crossing every body part possible. (The agent I spoke to on the phone said we'd likely be accepted, but we may have to pay a slightly higher premium.) I'm looking into alternative preschools for N, which is going to be the worst part of this, by far. He's finally doing well at preschool, and now I'll drop him into a brand-new environment, only to then have him move on to elementary school in the fall. But since most of the impetus to do this comes from my wanting--needing--to be home with him in the afternoons, I guess I'll have to just suck it up and do short-term damage for long-term good.

I'll talk about it more when it's a more-done deal.

There are also a dozen other things I want to blab about: How time gets away from me, and why; how I spent my Wednesday with N, WeeyumWise and WeeyumWise's mom at Disneyland; PTA guilt; the talks I've been having with Em; and, of course, coffee. (Yes, it's still on my mind. I still have questions! Freezer or no, and does it affect taste? Where to store beans? Where and how to store ground coffee?) But you see how I mentioned that time gets away from me? I'm up to my armpits in things that desperately need to be done, so hanging here for a couple of hours delving into the depths of my own mind is probably not the most proactive thing I could do. Which doesn't mean I won't do it. But later. OK? Don't abandon me now...

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