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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Charmed Life

So, on Friday I told my office that I was resigning; on Monday, the guy who's nominally in charge (we haven't had a boss since July, remember) sent out a notice, and I wrote up my resignation letter, though haven't been able to print it out because we're not sure who I'm supposed to address it to.

THEN, this morning, the director of development on campus (with whom I've worked on many a project in the past) bumps into me as I'm getting into the elevator, and says, "I hear you've made it official." And then went on to basically offer me a job with his office, half time, with benefits, WORKING FROM HOME. I ended up meeting with him and one of his staff yesterday afternoon, and walked out of there with the promise of a job, though we haven't talked details. The one thing we decided, which I think will be of benefit to both of us, is that we will do this on a six-month trial basis, at which point I can see if it's something I'm interested in continuing to do, and he can see if it's something he needs a more full-time person for. That will get me to September with N getting to stay in his same preschool, so if nothing else comes out of it, I'll avoid traumatizing my little, special-needs boy. Can't beat that with a stick!

The cool part is that this is actually a promotion of sorts. Plus, I get to create the job; currently, it doesn't even exist. So it will actually be a bit of a challenge. And best of all, I'll get to keep working with a couple of the colleagues I was sort of sad about leaving behind. So this is looking really good.

And so, with all that good news, I'm trying to think of reasons why I'm feeling a little bit sad
about doing this. I think it feels a little like giving in, I guess; sticking with the safety. But then
again, I've said all along that if my office would just have let me work from home I'd have definitely stayed on. So there's no good reason not to do this. And part of me is more than a little relieved, since mine is our only income these days, to know that I won't have to tapdance to meet our nut each month--and that I won't have to sell my soul to get health
insurance, which was rapidly becoming a big problem...

And best yet, I don't have to give up either of the other regular freelancing gigs I've landed, about which I'm so excited. It will just take away my need to kill myself finding other freelance work to make up the difference in income.

My colleagues in my office are hysterically laughing at me, by the way. Says one of them: "Who the hell else would ever get a job offer IN THE ELEVATOR the day after they quit? You lead a charmed life, girl."

It's true. I really do. And I'm thankful for it.

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