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Friday, February 10, 2006

It's No Fun To Quit When You Don't Get A Reaction

So, that's done. My last day in the office will be March 10th--five days shy of my seven-year anniversary here--and my last day on the payroll will be near the end of the month. (I have saved-up vacation time, and I need to stay on the payroll if I want to keep N in his preschool until the end of this OT program they have him in, which ends on March 31.)

I got lots of good "oh my god" reactions from the colleagues I told, but the guy-in-charge-until-there's-someone-really-in-charge? Deadpan. Nothing. I mean, it's not like I was expecting tears, and it's not like I haven't told Every Single Person In A Ten Mile Radius how I feel and how I'm quitting the second I can, so I guess I stole my own thunder. But a little dismay, a little, "Oh, TC, how COULD YOU?" or "Oh, TC, we'll MISS YOU!" would be nice. It wouldn't be him, but it would be nice.

Now the fun part begins--the going-through-seven-years'-worth-of-stuff part, the taking-home-the-toys-and-tschotchkes-I've-accumulated part. And for anyone who knows me even a little bit in real life, my office at work? Twice as bad as the tsunami-that-ate-Los-Angeles that is my desk at home. Good thing I have a whole month. I'll need it...

Oh, and there's another part, too: The calling/emailling-everyone-I've-ever-worked-with part, which is where I get to announce that I'm going to need freelance assignments from far and wide if I am to make this work. Consider yourselves warned.

Wow. My exit strategy actually led me to...an exit. Funny how that works, isn't it...?

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