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Sunday, November 14, 2004

The Great Green Field

I am so beyond tired of writing animal obituaries. And so, today, after our still-fresh discovery of the remains of our beloved rabbits, Zaboo and Pumpkin, who were clearly victims of some Mafia-style carnivore plot, I give you my daughter, Em, 7 years old, and her vision of the perfect bunny afterlife:

The Great Green Field

The Great Green Field is a place in Heaven for rabbits and other animals, but not that kind that eat rabbits. It is a big, green place for animals to enjoy, with lots of plants, blue skies, and no clouds, and no rain. It has lots of plants like cilantro and lettuce and other things that rabbits eat. It has birds flying everywhere, flowers everywhere, of all sorts of colors, and every day there's a rainbow. And every day, God watches over them. The bunnies run around, and they do binkies a lot. They play with all their friends, and if their mom and dad are there, they find them. And be happy for the rest of their life. There are bugs flying everywhere; good bugs, like lady bugs and that sort of stuff. And no aphids. That's where I hope my bunnies will go. And I love them very much. And they know it.

The End

[After hearing Em's recitation of where she believes Zaboo and Pumpkin have gone, N is now insisting that they are not dead. "Emmy tode me. Dey live on a farm now." "You mean the Great Green Field, N?" "Yes, a farm. And dey happy."]

[I am so, so sad. I loved those bunnies. We were the wrong family for them, hence their being outside in the first place to become someone's dinner, but I loved them nonetheless. And I feel horrible that I left them to that fate.]

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