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Thursday, November 04, 2004

This Is Not a Political Blog

I was planning on coming here today and just moving on, letting the rancor go for a while, at least in my written world, and talking about the more mundane, though equally important, matters in my life. (Baroy. Running the NY Marathon on Sunday! Gotta love those midlife crises.)

But first, I need to say just one thing to Monsieur Kerry (nice touch there, by the way), whose comments have been niggling at me all night. Here's part of what he had to say...

What I continually find strange in reading these many "liberal" blogs I stumble across in my blogexplosion trips is that they are bewildered by the concept of morals having importance to people (at least when and where it conflicts with their own views), and instead only seems to view the concept of anyone having a faith, or using that to define their personal moral compass (and especially their position on any issue) as somehow threatening or distasteful.
What is ridiculous is that it suggests is that only those without a faith, or moral viewpoint, can accurately draw a conclusion or have a "legitimate" position about anything.

I must (No, really. MUST.) respectfully disagree. I am not at all bewildered by the concept of morals as having importance to people. What I AM bewildered by is the idea that the only people who have faith or moral viewpoints are those who accept Jesus Christ as their savior, or who follow every edict from the Vatican.

I have a faith. It's just not yours. I have a very, very strong moral compass. It tells me that when the country is headed in the direction of discriminating against people based on their definition of faith, or their gender, or their sexuality, or the color of their skin, or their country of origin, or whatever ridiculous division-for-the-purpose-of-discrimination is in vogue right now...well, then that country is headed in the wrong direction.

You "conservatives" do not have the corner on morality and faith. I would, in fact, suggest that people who find it necessary to shove their choices down other peoples' throats are seriously in danger of being neither moral nor faithful.

Liberals are about choice. Personal choice. You think abortion is evil? You go for it, boy. Don't have one. Convince women with your point of view not to have one. That is, in fact, your CHOICE. I'd be right there with you, on the front lines, trying to educate women as to their other choices, things they could do instead of abortion. But I would also be out there until the last minute fighting to keep it a choice. A moral choice. A choice of faith. One that each woman in this country has a right to make for herself.

You think gay marriage is wrong? Fabulous. Don't marry a gay man. Don't attend your daughter's lesbian ceremony. But don't you dare tell me how I am to feel about it. Don't you dare tell me who I am or am not allowed to marry. That's not faith or morality. That's coercion.

I am a very moral person. I have very strong points of view based on my faith--both my religious faith and my faith in humanity. How dare you suggest otherwise. How dare you and your friends claim moral superiority over me while trying to codify my thoughts and my behaviors. How dare you.

But don't listen to me. I'm just a liberal Jew girl. I don't count. Listen, instead, to him. Maybe he'll get through to you.

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