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Friday, November 05, 2004

You Know You're Too Invested In Your Blog When...

...you find yourself debating aloud with an anonymous commenter who calls himself John Kerry as you drive home from work. Ridiculous. Especially since he clearly wasn't in the car with me, so I was arguing with myself. (Of course, it wasn't all in vain. Rob said I'd redefined the words righteous indignation and made them my bitch. That alone was worth it all.)

Freedom of speech is way too precious--and, at times, costly--a right to be taken lightly. And right now, I'm simply too tired and sad and beaten down and angry to use it with the proper sense of awareness and respect. So, instead of speaking, I think I'm just going to talk for a while. Much safer.

So, this morning, Baroy left to fly to NYC and run in the NY Marathon. I'm simultaneously impressed and appalled that he not only decided to do this, but followed through and trained like a madman. Before he left, he sent out a note to a bunch of his friends:

As some of you might know, and some of you might not, I'm about to embark on a little adventure. Having recently turned 49 and now into my 50th year, I, in some lunatic moment, have decided to challenge myself by running in the New York Marathon on Sunday the 7th. My beautiful wife has declared this as my mid-life crisis (which it very possibly could be if I actually live to be 100). She doesn't seem to care, though, considering it's not a mistress or a Ferrari. Some say I'm trying to run away from turning 50 in a year, but I don't think it's that either considering I'm bound to look and walk like I'm 80 when I'm done. But for what ever reason I'm actually doing this, I've trained for 4 months, I'm on my way to N.Y., and I guess the real reason is - because it's there. Any way, this upcoming Sunday, keep a good thought for me as I attempt this.

Oh, and if you should see any of the Marathon on TV, I can pretty much guarantee you won't see the very tall, thin, 22 year-old Kenyan and the short, middle-aged Jew duking it out for the lead. I should be somewhere in the, well, short, middle-aged Jew section of the race.
So, like the man said, keep a good thought. Good thoughts are always, um, good, but especially right now.

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