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Tuesday, May 16, 2006




Much to say about my trip.

No time (as yet) to say it.

So instead, I'll let Em say a few words, via the file folder entitled "Mom Files" that was sitting on my desk when I came home today.


My Mom is the best Mom in the world. She's sweet and kind. I love her soo much. She's the best Mom I could ask for. She's a author and a scince writer (as you can tell she writes scince books). She has me and my brother N. He's five and I'm eight. My Mom's husband's name is Baroy. My Mom and Dad have been married for TEN YEARS! She loves the color orange. Our whole kitchen is orange. She's also a great cook. I like a lot of the food she makes. I love her so much and I hope she has a wonderful MOTHER'S DAY!

List of things Mom Likes

1. The color orange
2. Cooking/me cooking too
3. Spend time with her family
4. Her family
5. Her husband
6. Writing
7. Seeing me and her family happy
8. Us having fun
9. Gardining
10. Spending time outside
11. A lot of my friends
12. The Pardereg [Partridge] family
13. Computer
14. Sleeping in
15. Warm weather

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