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Thursday, April 27, 2006


Now that I'm working from home, getting out of my pajamas before the time when I have to go pick up Em at school is optional. I heart working in my pajamas.

Today, I had an appointment on campus at 4, well after Em-pickup time. So I remained happily pajama'ed, did what needed doing until about noon, and then was faced with a dilemma: Should I change into jeans and a sweatshirt to pick up Em (early dismissal day is Thursday, and they get out at 1:30), or should I just bite the bullet and get into my work clothes? My hatred of having to pick out more than one outfit in a day overcame my hatred of wearing work clothes, and I chose the latter. Except, of course, for my shoes; I like to walk to pick Em up, and I wasn't going to smush my feet into shoes that would hurt me while I strode along. So I put on my sneakers.

Do you see where this is going?

It wasn't until I had already dropped by my old office, gone over a few still-outstanding projects with them, and was on my way across campus to the building where my meeting was being held that I suddenly realized: My feet felt fine. Great, in fact. Which was, of course, due to the well-worn-and-slightly-stinky pair of sneakers still adorning them, if you can call what well-worn-and-slightly-stinky sneakers do to feet "adorning."

My work shoes? At home, nestled in their little shoe house in my closet.

You apparently not only can't take me anywhere, you can't dress me up, either.

[The people I was meeting with were, of course, immaculately dressed. I made a joke about my footwear and got a laugh, but I don't think I made any great strides for the image of the work-at-home mom today. I guess I should just be grateful I'd remembered to put on a bra...]

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