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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Whine, Whine, WHIIIIINE

Not the kids. Me.

My ribs and my back hurt from coughing. My tongue and the roof of my mouth hurt from being continually scalded as I chug hot liquids--from Theraflu to licorice-spice tea (licorice is supposed to be soothing to the throat, and I do have to say my throat is no longer sore) to bowls upon bowls of chicken soup. I have deadlines both at my university job and my (not-much-longer-mine if-there-really-is-a-God) alternative medicine journal that I have to meet before I leave, next Tuesday morning, for New York, where I am having an orientation with the so-far-very-cool-seeming gang from my new parenting website gig. (That last part is a YAY and not a whine, although the time pressure added by my leaving for a week adds to the too-many-deadlines part of the whine.)

[Yes, I do love me some compound hyphenated adjectives. Why do you ask?]

So, in other words, I'm sitting here worrying about meeting deadlines, wincing in rib pain every time I move, trying not to cough (so as not to incure more rib pain), and thus trying to drink some more licorice-spice (with lots of honey) tea, but wincing in pain with each sip, due to the tongue and mouth-roof burnage problem.

I'm a mess.

BUT. Bonnie, who I don't think I knew of before today but who is now my New Best Friend, left me a really sweet message on my last post, which made me smile, and since my cheek muscles are not involved in the general messiness of me, I didn't even have to wince while doing it.

Guess things could be worse.

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