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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Cruisin'...On A Sunday Afternoon...

We're off for a week aboard a cruise ship that will be making the classic Love Boat stops at Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarte. I'm simultaneously excited and terrified. The pessimist in me keeps imagining all four of us vomiting for seven straight days, which is why I brought enough Dramamine to drug a small nation.

Baroy is bringing his laptop, so I may find the time to blog from the high seas. (Are there low seas? Where are they?) But don't count on it. I'm hoping to spend most of my time in a lounge chair with my nose in a book and my hand wrapped around a cool drink. I may occasionally look up long enough to watch my children frolic idyllically in the pool, but I make no promises.

N wanted to know if we were going to hit an iceberg. I knew letting a 5-year-old watch Titanic was going to come to no good. Baroy explained to him that there are very few icebergs off the coast of Mexico, and he seemed to accept that explanation, but frankly, I think he's a little bit disappointed. I think he's convinced that hitting an iceberg would mean getting up close and personal with policemen, firemen, ambulance drivers, and maybe even a tow truck, and that is his absolute fantasy.

Em, on the other hand, was quite relieved to hear that there was little chance we would ultimately be plunged into an icy ocean. After all, that would mean she might not get to wear her new shoes (with their "high, high" heels), and her very fancy new dress. She has been counting the days until she gets to dress up and strut around in all her 8-year-old glory. I've been counting the day until I get to watch. My kids slay me.

See you all next week, if not before!

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