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Monday, November 21, 2005

More Imagination Than I Thought Was Possible

I've regaled you all with stories of N's semi-scary, always-amusing imaginary friends (who he now, just like his sister did years earlier, refers to as his 'believe friends'). But today in the car, he hit a never-before-seen level of quirkiness: His believe friends themselves have begun having their own imaginary worlds.

It went like this:

N: Mommy, let's play a game. You be N, and I'll be the mommy.
Me, knowing this game like the back of my hand: Sure.
N, to himself, sort of: Now who can be Daddy?
N, in a falsetto as his believe friend Baaa: I be da daddy!
N: OK. Now who can be Em?
N, in a baby voice as his believe friend Baby Baaa: I wanna be Em!
N: OK. And who can be Uncle Stevie?
N, in a whiny unintelligible voice as his believe friend Ahhh: ahhhahhhAHHHahhhahhh.
N: OK, Ahh. You can be Uncle Stevie.
N, to me now: OK, so Mommy, you be N. I'll be the mommy, Baa will be the daddy, Baby Baa will be Em, and Ahhh will be Uncle Stevie. OK?
Me, trying to decide whether to be amazed or terrified: Um, sure.

And so it went. He was only able to maintain his interest for a few minutes, but he faithfully played his role of mommy, and each of his believe friends, with their distinctive voices, played their chosen roles. And I, trying to keep up with my one personality and one role to play, wondered how it is that I gave birth to such a bizarrely, uniquely, insanely wonderful kid.

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