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Tuesday, March 16, 2004

Ode to the B-Dog

Yesterday was my 5 year anniversary at this job. Things have been crazy here lately, what with major resignations in the school for which I work, and with all sorts of political issues and scenarios and concerns being bandied about. And I've had this book on my mind, and my work, well, not so much there. So I didn't realize it was my workaversary until last night when I had to write the date down somewhere.

There are things I despise about my job, most of which have to do with spinning my wheels and getting absolutely nowhere. But I have a great office. An incredible office, really. (Although it's missing someone lately...cough, cough, Mary Ellen, cough, cough.) And it's all due to my boss, B.

B gets it. She understands how to get the best work out of each of us. She's everyone's friend, but she also commands respect. Not the fear kind of respect, but the kind where her opinion matters, and letting her down is simply not an option.

B makes me laugh. I found a pin on my desk yesterday that says "Always Reaching For Success." Now, B knows how much I absolutely despise those trite 'successories' places, so when she saw this, she got it for me. I laughed for about half an hour. Then I put the pin on. And it's on again today. And B and I both know that I will make a point of wearing it every day I'm in office until the joke wears thin. She would expect nothing less of me.

B likes to gossip. She knows what she can and can't reveal, of course--she is probably the most trustworthy and dipolmatic person I know--but when she can tell me stuff, she does. Because she knows I love gossip almost as much as she does. Many's the night where we're the only ones left in the office and we just chat for half an hour about who's doing what to whom and why it's wrong. It's delicious, and fun.

B has two children, so she knows what my life is about. She understands when I leave a little early to get to a school function. She encourages me to take time off if I can, and spend it with the kids. She's devoted to her career, but she's also devoted to her children. We may not have exactly the same priorities, or the same resources, or the same commitments, but overall, she's a great role model.

Sure, B has her downfalls. Our office takes on way too much work, and though we give lip service to the idea of prioritizing, that doesn't always happen. So I'll find myself working on something really unimportant, and having to let important stuff slip away. I won't even pretend that I never walk away from her office rolling my eyes or wanting to mutter under my breath.

But, overall? The best boss I've ever had, hands down. And I'm not alone in feeling that way. I remember one of my first days on the job; I went out to lunch with several of the other people from the office, and they were all talking about how great B is. And I couldn't help but laugh, because I'd never, ever been in a situation like that--one where people talk behind the boss's back, only to praise her. Clearly, B's doing something right.

So, thank you, B. Even though you don't read this blog, I feel the need to sing your praises. This job could feel like a pair of golden handcuffs, but it usually doesn't. I'd quit in a second to stay at home--don't get me wrong. But I'd miss the office. I'd miss the people. I'd definitely miss B.

Here's to the next five years...If they have to be, I think I'm really glad that they're going to be here.

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