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Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Running Away

I ran two miles this morning after dropping E off at school. I probably could have gone a little further, but I had to get back home to do an interview for the book. Then, this evening, E had a swim lesson at the Y. I usually run on the treadmill during her swim lessons, but I hate the treadmill so much, and besides, I'd already had my run for the day; I decided instead that I would just do the elliptical trainer for a while. Except the elliptical trainers were all taken, and the treadmills were wide open. So I stretched, got on the treadmill, and daydreamed away another two miles. Again, I could have gone longer, but there's a 25-minute time limit on the treadmill, and while I can run, I'm not what anybody would call fast.

It's so sad that no one reading this really knows me from my previous life, because--slowness aside--this is just incredible. And insane. And...incredible. I ran twice in one day, for a total of four miles. And I did it, not effortlessly, but as a diversion from the stress of the rest of my day, and as a pick-me-up. I did it without really having to stop and catch my breath either time. In fact, both times I could have gone longer, were it not for time constraints. Incredible. And, yeah, just a wee bit obsessive. Which is the part that is NOT out of character.

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