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Friday, November 07, 2003

Not Dead Yet!

A conversation between myself and E yesterday, as we sat on her bed playing the card game War before she went to sleep. (Names have been truncated to protect the innocent. ;-))

E: Sometimes K and K give me a strange look when I say something to them. It's not very nice.
TC: Well, not everyone is meant to be your best friend. Some people will just be friends of yours, people you talk to or play with, but not who you really take into your heart. And that's OK. Just don't deal with them when they do hurtful things.
E: Yeah. And besides, I do have lots of other friends to play with when they're being mean.
TC: So who do you consider to be your best friends these days?
E: Well, M is still my best friend, even though we do fight sometimes. And S, and Em. (She giggles and begins to blush, which I can't recall having seen before.) And E. Don't tell anyone, Mom, and don't laugh at me, but E and I have fallen back in love again.
[TC says nothing, trying to maintain a neutral look on my face so she doesn't feel like I'm laughing at her.]
E: Actually, you want to hear something funny? E told me the other day that W said C wants to marry me. And E told him, "No, I got her first!" (She giggled and blushed some more.) Besides, even though I like C as a friend, I know I just couldn't handle him. My hands are too full with E already.

Six. She's SIX. These boys are six and seven. I know I've said it before. But when I'm sitting on a bed listening to my daughter say "I couldn't handle him" or "My hand are too full with E" that's the only thing I can think of to say. She's six. WTF? What is she going to be like at 16?

Hoo boy.

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