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Monday, October 13, 2003

Vegas, baybeeeee! What a hoot. I drove up on Saturday, ungodlyly early, with one friend, then met up with, eventually, five more ladies, and finally drove back through horrendous traffic on Sunday afternoon. It's not like we did anything unusual--we gambled, we ate, we stayed up late, we gambled, we got up early, we gambled--but it was so...wonderful. Just to be not-the-mama for 24 hours. Bliss. Which is not to say I didn't miss the kids...well, actually, it is to say I didn't miss the kids. But it really isn't to say that I wasn't totally thrilled to see them when I got home. So maybe I'm not a total monster of a mom? Sigh. I bet my monsterness is the reason I had absolutely NO luck at the tables and the slots, huh?

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