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Monday, September 18, 2006

Email Issues

Apparently, some kind of virus has invaded my sbcglobal account. I won't say ANYthing about how this has never happened before, and certainly not before I had a PC on which I occasionally check my emails. Nope, not going to say it.

In any case, the account is currently--and possibly forevermore--beyond my reach. Nobody, including the *third* tier of tech support at SBC/Yahoo, can open or delete or move any of my emails. So, if you've tried to reach me of late and I haven't responded...I'll be using that as my excuse.

In addition, from now on I'll be using the so-far-more-reliable gmail for my emailing needs. Want to get in touch? You'll need to reach me at tinycoconut at gmail dot com from now on. Because even if they can revive the account I had before, I found certain of the technicians' comments annoying enough to think that I'd rather take at least that part of my business elsewhere. (I think it was the "they may end up terminating the account because you've violated the TOS." Um...*I* violated the TOS because someone ELSE hit me with a virus? "Well," said tech support, "we have no way of knowing what sorts of lists you've subscribed to..."

Whatever. I'm moving on.

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