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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Dog Heaven

N, Em, and Em's friend J spent several hours yesterday turning our family room into a series of interconnecting clubhouses, using pillows and quilts and afghans and chairs and stools and whatever they could find to create a series of tents. They had a blast. And, as is usual in this house these days, they had company: Snug never let them out of his sight.

But Snug had had a long hard day of playing and running and running and playing, and so after a while he succumbed to the temptation of a soft afghan in the middle of the room, curled up, and went to sleep. Insisting that he couldn't POSSibly be comfortable that way, the kids quickly added a blanket tucked around his sleeping form, and a couch pillow for under his head. The result elicited so many ooohs, aaaahhhhs, and squeals of delight at the cuteness in our midst that even Baroy was compelled to break out his camera.

[FWIW, my mom made that quilt for N when he was a baby.]

The cutest photo of all, however, was one in which Snug is in the identical position to the ones above, but N is laying on top of him, and Em and J are resting their chins on his head/back. But while, as some of you have acutely noticed, I've become somewhat more cavalier about posting my own image on this blog, and even put up one of Em recently, the kids are just too plainly, visibly themselves in that photo for me to feel comfortable about putting it out there. And so, you'll just have to take my word(s) for it. Edibly cute.

As for Snug, he either wins the award for World's Most Contented Dog or World's Most Patient Dog. Or, possibly, both. In any case, any puppy who will lie perfectly still while three loud and rambunctious kids climb all over him is a keeper in my books. Even if he DID chew through a leather billfold, a bluetooth earbud, and a hardcover journal all in one week.

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