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Thursday, September 14, 2006

At The Office

I've been asked, fairly often, how I like working at home. I freaking love it. And here's why:

That's me in my Big, Comfy, But Hideously Upholstered Chair, drinking an iced coffee, and working on the evil Dell laptop issued to me by ParentsConnect and my much-beloved iBook at the exact same time. See why I'm so afraid of having my cushy little university job yanked from me? I'm pretty sure that most offices would balk at the idea of my lounging barefoot in a tank top sipping iced beverages and checking one job's emails while waiting for a .pdf for the other job to download. And I'm positive they'd object to the part where, after I've put in a couple hours' work, I go upstairs and nap off a bit of my malaise for a while before getting back down to it after the kids come home from school, or after they've gone to bed.

I may be moody, panicky, and depressed, but I love my life. (I know. Doesn't make any sense to me, either. But it's totally true.)

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