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Monday, June 19, 2006


Guess what you shouldn't do when you've loaded up your kitchen table with about a jillion cookbooks in preparation for painting your kitchen, the walls of which you've just stripped of their old, ugly wallpaper? You shouldn't attempt to pull said table away from the wall by bending your knees slightly and pulling straight back with your arms. Because if you do? You might just hear something go pop-scrunch-grumble in your lower back. And you might almost fall to the ground in pain while making gutteral noises and grabbing for the ladder you were using to get to the wallpaper, which will hold you up, but skin your shin as it does so.

That's what might happen to you.

It's exactly what happened to me.

Thank goodness for our friendly family chiropractor, Tom Sawyer. (No, that's not a pseudonym. Yes, I did wonder, upon first going to him several years back, if he was going to adjust me or make me paint a fence in the guise of healing me. Yes, I'm sure I'm not the first one to have made that particular joke.) He pointed that little adjustor thing and bang-bang-banged about five key spots on my back and neck, did that digging-his-thumb-into-the-meaty-part-of-my-backside (plenty of area there for him to choose from) until I nearly jumped off the bench when he hit a particular twingy spot, and then iced me down for about 20 pure, quiet, cold, classical-music-filled minutes. Bliss.

Oh, and in case you're wondering, Mir, he was wearing loafers.

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