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Monday, January 16, 2006

My 15 Minutes of Fame (At Least Amongst People Who Live in The Chicago Area and Read the Tribune)

My bipolar book just got what may well be its first real media exposure:

The secret is out--finally

(You may have to register--it's free--to read the piece, and I don't know how long they keep stuff on their site before secreting it away in their archives, but give it a shot, will ya?)

Anyway, it's only one line out of the book, but there's my (actual) name, with the word 'author' preceding it. Made my weekend.

Oh, and the way I found out was that the woman who wrote the piece emailed me to let me know my book had been quoted, which was almost as impressive as having it quoted in the first place. I've NEVER been organized enough to do something like that for my freelance pieces. She rocks.

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