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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

My Kid Can Catch a Ball, But Not a Break

On June 14th, two different surgeons with the same last name (Wong) will be operating on N. One will be repairing this epigrastric hernia he developed when he was two or so; the other will be surgically descending N's previously-descended-but-now-up-in-his-belly left testicle. This will involve two or three small incisions, one of which will be in his scrotum. If that doesn't make you wince, then you've clearly n ever had a scrotum of your own, or given birth to someone with a scrotum. Because...ow. That's all i can say.

These two issues are apparently unrelated to one another--as are his 'failure to thrive,' his 'constitutional growth delay,' his constant ear infections that required tubes at age 1, his patent ductus arteriosus (an embryonic vessel near his heart that didn't go away like it was supposed to when he was born), his enlarged heart, his two cases of pneumonia, his social issues and his speech issues.

There are times, when Baroy is feeling particularly self-pitying about his employment non-situation, that he'll say something like, "I can only think that I was Hitler in a former life." It's times like this that I have to wonder what I did in one of my former lives to have all this crap visited upon my children, and in particular, my son.

Oh, and for those of you wondering how it's possible that I have not thought of the politically incorrect and not-that-funny pun about the two Dr. Wongs, fear not. Many a "but two Wongs don't make a right," joke has been bandied about here, with the only bright spot coming when we realized that the doctor he'll be seeing in August for his developmental pediatrics appointment is ALSO a Dr. Wong. So maybe, just maybe, THREE Wongs WILL make a right. One can only hope, for N's sake.

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