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Friday, May 13, 2005

Little Oeddie

It was hot here today. Like 90 degrees hot. It was still hot when I got home from work and went outside to play with N, so I changed into a sports bra/top, and put on a t-shirt and shorts.

We were running around for a while, and since I was in my fairly private backyard with my 4-year-old son, I decided it was OK if I shed my t-shirt for a bit.

N, upon seeing me take off my t-shirt: Cute, mom!
Me, laughing, not sure if I was understanding him: What? What did you say?
N: Cute..um...(he's pointing at me, searching for a word)...Cute breasts, mom!

I was, and remain, speechless.

[Edited to add: You do, of course, realize that when I say I shed my t-shirt, I was still wearing my sports bra-shirt thingy. It's not like I was actually flashing my son with my "cute breasts." Just had to make sure that was clear...]

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