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Friday, October 01, 2004

Ode to Daddy

Baroy's 49th birthday is Monday, and because I seriously can't come up with a good gift idea and will therefore buy something lame at the last minute, I decided I had to try and at least do something home-made and sentimental to go along with whatever piece of crap I end up buying for him. In any case, since I've been working on the PTA newsletter and recently learned a bit about desktop publishing, I decided to put out a 'newspaper' for his birthday this year, and for the newspaper, I interviewed his children. Here are the results of those two interviews.

N, Age 3.5, Responds to Questions About Daddy: [By the way, don't ask me: Half of what he said here made no sense to me either. But the stuff that did cracked me up.]

Is Daddy the best Daddy ever? Yes.

Why is Daddy the best Daddy? Because we can go to Daddy’s birthday, eat cake. Daddy and Noah can eat some cake. I want little dots on my cake.

What games do you like to play with Daddy? Candyland. Play with puzzles my room. Like to riding with Daddy. I want my turn now. [He types gibberish on the computer.]

At night time, what do you and Daddy do together? Sleep. Lay together. Now it bes my turn. [More gibberish.]

What silly things does daddy say? He boop boop boop boop gasos. That’s not my name.

What does Daddy look like? Tall. Small. Big hair. Daddy’s got a little hair now. Nose and fingers. Hair and feet. Red shirt. Blue pants, just like me. My turn. [And again.]

What kind of special food does Daddy like to buy you? Both and Daddy like pasta. No candy for me. Milk. Slurpees. Gum. No more for me. My turn. [One more time.]

What is Daddy’s name? Baroy Middlename Lastname.

How old is Daddy? Five.

How tall is Daddy? Big.

How many pounds does Daddy weigh? One, two, three, four, five, six, seven.

Where is your favorite place to go with Daddy in the car? Go home.

What Em (age 7) Had to Say About Daddy:

My dad is sweet and funny. He teases me a lot. He says he has way cooler shoes than me, but I know he’s just kidding. He calls me Em Middlename Zaza Lastname, even though my real name is Em Middlename Lastname. When we walk to school, he plays Bread and Butter with me. Bread and Butter is a game where if there’s a pole in between you and the person that you’re walking with, when you let go of hands and then you hold hands again, one of you has to say Bread and Butter, and whoever says Bread and Butter first gets a point. Daddy let me make up a rule, and he basically never uses it. My rule was that the second after you grab hands, after you walk to the pole and you grab hands, then you can say Bread and Butter, but if I stand there again and wait a second or two, he can’t say Bread and Butter. But he always does.

Sometimes Daddy takes me to Disneyland, just me and him. He hangs out with me if my mommy is at work and my brother is at school and I have no one to play with. And he takes me places.

We both have blue eyes. We both have a Lastname head. Me and my Daddy both like Slurpees. We both like to watch TV together, especially Friends and Joey.

My Daddy is special because he’s just a really great dad. And I love to hang out with him a lot. He builds a lot of things for our house so we can keep a lot of things neat and organized. My Daddy is special because he helps me with stuff and he’s a really great mathematician so if I have really hard math problems, he can help me. My dad takes care of me and watches out for me. He can help me with my soccer. And when he was 18, I think, he did gymnastics, so he can help me with my gymnastics and help me improve.

My Daddy is really cool because he has lots of jobs. He is an actor and he is a writer also. He also produces plays. He writes them, also. My Dad is really smart, just like my Mom, and I think that me and my brother will grow up to be really smart like my Mom and Dad.

I love my Dad and I’m really happy that he is my Dad.

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