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Thursday, September 16, 2004



It could be West Nile. So there. Of course, it's probably not. I believe she said "highly unlikely." But it could be. I am vindicated!

So. Nothing they can do for me. Ride it out. If it's regular ole flu, I'm contagious with a fever, so no work until it's gone. My boss is getting a teensy bit antsy 'bout that. But not much I can do about it, I guess. Plus, I feel like crap, and wouldn't get anything done anyway. Much like the rest of the time I'm in the office, but now I'd feel justified in my slothdom.


Did I mention recently that I moved from the Flex Plan to the Core Plan on Weight Watchers and I'm loving it? I'm losing VERRRRRRY slowly on it, but that's because I cheat. It's also because I've already lost two-thirds of the weight I want to lose, and frankly, if I stay here forever, I'm still way ahead of the game. This is an eating plan I can stick with for a very long time. I'm enjoying it, if feeling just the teensiest bit guilty that it's been so easy for me. Clearly, these were pounds I was never meant to have, because they slid off with so very little prodding. Now, these last ones may be a little more tenacious, and if I do decide I really want them off, I may actually have to get--gasp--strict with myself. But I have time...


N is now staying dry at daycare almost every day.* We're having some poop issues, but considering he's a 3.5-year-old kid with hemorrhoids, I'm not all that surprised. It's not like we didn't have poop issues in diapers, too.

Until yesterday, said potty training was sitting down. But all of a sudden, he wanted to stand up. Now he's got it. So yesterday, Baroy taught him about the 'shake," and now every trip to the potty is accompanied by a description of how many drops he got...and what size they were. Sigh.

* Today, apparently, he did not stay dry at nap time. According to Rose, younger preschool teacher extraordinaire, there was a simple explanation. "They gave them watermelon at lunch," she said, rolling her eyes. "He wasn't the only one who had a problem at nap time." You never do know where the occupational hazards are going to come from, do you?

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