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Tuesday, September 07, 2004


It couldn't have been more than an hour or so after I posted my rant about Dubya that I got an email from Deb. "I'm worried about you," it said. The next day, within what seemed like seconds of my homeschooling rant, my phone rang. It was Susanna. "Dude," she said. "What's going on with you? You're miserable!" Ambre waited until we got together on Sunday to take me aside and give me a thorough psychological once-over--but that was only because she and Susanna had already discussed their concerns over AIM, and she knew I was covered.

Absolutely coincidentally, one of my very best girlfriends from college emailed me on Thursday, with an update on her life. And one of my very best girlfriends from my BigScience Magazine job, who I had seen for the first time in years when I was in New York, sent me an email that same day with just a couple of sweet lines about how very much she misses having me in her life. (The feeling is mutual.) And then, to top it all off, my xBFF from the job I have now (who is an ex because she left this job earlier this year to be home with her kids) called on Friday because we hadn't spoken in a while, and we had a great talk and managed to get mostly all caught up.

That's not even to mention the booze my friend Bambi sent me a few weeks ago, in an attempt to literally lift my spirits...with spirits.

Clearly, my girlfriends have got my back, whether they know it or not. And if concern and support and love were enough to right my skewed neurotransmitters, I'd be one of the mentally healthiest women on the planet right now. In any case, I'm one of the most touched and grateful.

Wah! I love you guys!

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