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Friday, October 01, 2004

What I Learned From the Debates

My friend Susanna is, hands down, the Bravest Woman on the Face of the Planet. Last night, while I ran from my boss's 40th birthday party to Back to School Night and back to my boss's 40th birthday party, steadfastly avoiding not only a glimpse of the debate but any discussion of it as well, she was hosting my husband and my kids for a debate get-together.

Why is that brave, you ask? Her husband=Republican who loves to ride Baroy's liberal Democrat ass. Baroy=Democrat who loves to ride her husband's Republican ass. Putting the two of them in a room together is, under the best of circumstances, annoying, what with all the baiting and debating and complete ignoring of wives and children and other guests while trying desperately to one-up the other person. (OK, that's mostly Baroy, but Doug often gives as good as he gets.) Last night? Recipe for an ulcer. But Susanna persevered. Not only that, but she persevered while five kids under 8--two of whom were mine, three of whom were hers--whooped it up and raced through the house. (OK, maybe only four of them raced. Her baby is still a bit young to race. But you get the gist.)

In any case, like I said: World's Bravest Woman. Certainly, a much better woman than I.

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