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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Now, That's Just Stupid

I thought my eyes couldn't roll any further backward into my head than they did when I saw that one of the multitude of editors who've read my manuscript changed the name of my place of employ in my bio. I work here! I don't care if you think its name is grammatically correct, or appropriately succinct, or whatever. It's where I work. What I called it? That's what it's called. Live with it, fool.

(And yes, I said as much in my comment back to them. Actually, I said it a little less meanly but a whole lot more snottily. But I couldn't help it.)

Apparently, however, I was wrong about that eye-rolling thing. My eyes can go even further back. Who knew? I certainly didn't...at least not until I got to the end of chapter 12.

Now, chapter 12 is a chapter on support groups. And at the end of each chapter, I have a section of common-sense tips called "What You Can Do." Those tips are preceded by a single introductory paragraph.

Are you following me? (If you're not, don't worry. It's not critical to the story.)

So I decided to start off that intro paragraph with a quick list of commonly-used quotes/phrases about support. I used "you've got a friend," I used "it takes a village," I used "lean on me." And I used "no man is an island."

Can you see this one coming from a mile away?

Yup. One of the editors changed it...to "no one is an island."

If you're not a writer, you might be wondering why that would cause me to want to emit a primal scream and do damage to breakables within my arm's reach. But if you are a writer, you know. You either just smacked your forehead or shook your head in sympathy and disbelief. And you're now recalling a similar thing that happened to you once, which you will now put in the comments section so that I can be distracted from my pain.

No one is an island. Fer cryin' out loud.

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