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Monday, June 14, 2004

Crazy Week

So, let's see. This week, I'm either scheduled or have promised to do the following:

Attend a meeting with the superintendent of schools about finding a suitable replacement for Em's principal, who announced last week that she's leaving/been promoted
Attend a parent meeting for Em's Brownie troop
Hang with my mom and step-dad, who are in from New York
Take Em to two swim lessons
Attend Em's gymnastics 'recital'
Attend N's gymnastics 'recital'
Attend a going-away party for Em's principal
Have a play date with friends of ours who have kids Em and N's age
Finish up a round-robin tatting project (I'm holding things up...sigh...)
Do a much-needed grocery run
Work a four-day week at that ofice place that unfairly occupies only a teeeeeensy weeeeeeensy sliver of my attention these days
Oh, yeah...And finish reading a 350+-page manuscript, make all required changes, make additions and deletions, and get it all back to the publisher by Friday morning. Not to mention that my one 'real' contact at said publisher announced to me on Thursday that it was his last day, and so now I'm freaking out.

(In case you were wondering, this isn't even everything that I could be having to do--there's a Brownies tea party and a end-of-school picnic that I simply had to say no to, though I'm feeling much guilt over that.)

Yeah, I know. You wish you were me. I wish you were me, too.

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