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Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Coming Out

I married into this remarkable literary family. Baroy is the second younges of four boys, and all four of them are authors. And they've all got real chops, though some are undoubtedly a bit choppier than others. I'll never forget the day that Baroy called one of his brothers to inform/brag to him about the fact that one of the ten nature documentaries we'd cowritten or co-script-edited was premiering that night on the Discovery Channel, and had garnered some nice reviews already. "That's great," his brother said, somewhat distracted. "But did you hear that Uncle Dick won the Pulitzer today?"

(That's an absolutely true story. He won it for this book. My response? "This is one tough fuckin' family.")

This year, out of the four boys and I, there are four books coming out. And the one who isn't publishing a book this year contributed to one that came out last year. Last week, both Baroy's latest book and his oldest brother's latest came out at essentially the same time. Yeah, they're very different. But I'm equally proud of them both. Steve's book is a must-read for pretty much anyone who doesn't have 'issues' with homosexuality. It's sweet and light--chick lit for the gay set, actually. I adore it. And it got a nice review from Entertainment Weekly this week. Oh, and the picture on the author page is of Steve with Em and N. So that doesn't hurt.

Baroy's book is for actors who need good, fresh audition material. He's an incredible playwright. It's worth the money if acting's your gig. Oh, and the picture oon the author page is of all four of us. Again, doesn't hurt.

I'll be sure to let you all know when my book is out (author review is coming up sooner rather than later), and when my other brother-in-law's impressive tome hits bookstores.

Yeah, I'm whoring my family. But who better to whore, right?

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