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Saturday, November 29, 2003

Author, Author!

Looks like I've got the book. The bipolar book. The editor called on Wednesday while I was reading to E's first grade class and helping them make Thanksgiving necklaces. ;-) Baroy picked up, and when the editor said he'd talk to me on Monday because he was leaving for the holiday, Baroy said that I was going to be really upset that I'd missed his call. Apparently, the editor laughed and said, "Well, tell her not to worry. It's good news. And if she wants to work on the outline for the book this weekend, it wouldn't be wasted time."

So, yay! Go me! Of course, I've already hyperventilated a few times. I mean, really, how AM I going to write a whole book in four months? I'll do it, to be sure, but I may die trying...

Normally, this is where the paragraph about how this means I won't be posting as much goes. But, I don't post very often to start out with. And chances are I'll actually post MORE often now. Procrastination are us, you know.

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