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Friday, June 08, 2007

Moving Day

About a year ago, I sold this blog to MTV/Nickelodeon, which owns ParentsConnect. They wanted a blogger to spotlight; I wanted to be spotlighted. It seemed like a win-win.

There was a lot of rush to get the deal completed. I'll never forget getting an email that urged me to sign the letter of agreement quickly and get it back, because "MTV wants to make hay out of their great new blogger." I'll never, ever forget getting a check for four figures--not a huge amount of money, mind you, but nothing to sneeze at--for the honor of owning my little blog, which got fewer than 100 hits a day. (It gets a few more than that by now, but not much.)

Then stuff happened. Plans changed. Today, ParentsConnect is undergoing a major renovation...and there is no place on it for Tiny Coconut. Which is fine. Totally fine. Except for one thing: They still own it. Which is also fine. Totally fine. Except for one thing: I don't. And that kind of bugs me.

In fact, part of the agreement was that they bought not only this blog, but its archives--and its name. And now it just seems silly, almost like shouting into an abyss, to keep writing things here that go into an archive I don't own, and which nobody will ever use, and under a name that someone else owns, too. Ya know?

Which is all a way of saying: Hey! I created this new blog! It's the one I'll be writing at from now on! Right now it's a mess, and there's not much there except a Welcome, Friends sign, but it's where all future posts will be going. I'll be TC there, but not Tiny Coconut, since that name is supposedly no longer mine. (Sob. I'm without an identity!) No, I have no idea what TC is going to stand for now. Maybe Teensy Carob? Totally Cool? Whatever.

Here's where to go from now on: I Have Things. Change your RS feeds; change your links; change everything. But don't stop visiting, OK? Looking forward to seeing you there!


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