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Wednesday, March 21, 2007


A week since my last post? How'd that happen?

Oh, right. I know.

1. I spent several days obsessing over a work evaluation, convinced I was about to be booted from my job, only to get a really glowing initial report (more to come) and be forced to realize that I am STILL that girl in college who used to convince everyone around her that she had really failed the test this time, not like all those other times, here let me show you just how I know I failed...only to wind up with the highest grade in the class. It's OK to hate me for that. You'd think by now I'd know better.

2. I celebrated my 11th wedding anniversary by having a steak dinner at a local establishment where somehow Baroy and I decided we should discuss our pre-marriage sexual indiscretions in greater detail than we ever had in the past. It was only after we left, however, that I realized that the fact that I knew the general gist of the conversations at the three tables nearest us in the restaurant--and had realized I actually knew the occupants of one of those tables, based on what they were saying about mutual friends of ours--means that, um, yeah, maybe the topic of sexual indiscretions is one that I should have reserved for HOME?

3. The other half of said celebration involved us renting a movie at Blockbuster--a bad movie, disappointingly bad--and watching it on the couch at home, with a large black-brown Labrador shoved in between us, while we waited for our kids to return home from their trip to see Wicked at the Pantages Theater with Uncle Stevie. It still kills me that this was his "gift" to us--leaving us home while they went to see a hit show. (Even killinger--no, not a word, so sue me--is the fact that it actually did turn out to be a gift. We had a lovely time, inappropriate conversations and less-than-mediocre movies aside.)

4. We had a parent-teacher conference with N's new kindy teacher. This required much prep work on my end, as I worried (and worried and worried) about what she might say. What did she say? He's great. He's doing fine...right on grade level, even edging toward above grade level, in all subjects. She ADORES him. We still need to work on social skills--duh--but even those are getting better. Nothing to worry about, here. I left with my mouth hanging open.

5. Malaise has taken over my life. What is it with this fucking malaise? I simply, literally, CAN NOT SLEEP ENOUGH. Can not get out of bed in the mornings to take the kids to school. Can not stop myself from taking an afternoon nap, except by going out for long walks, during which I find myself really considering laying down on the sidewalk. I always assume these things are mental health related, but am considering this time the possibility of something a little more physical. Every time this has hit me in the past, however, I've had tests done, and no, my thyroid is fine, and no, I'm not anemic. So rather than go that route, I'm trying a few supplements, to see if they might give me the pick-me-up I need. We'll see. Meanwhile, if you're looking for me, I'm probably still asleep. Or napping. Or laying down with N or Em. Or going to bed early. You get the idea.

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