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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Hey! Guess who showed up in my brother-in-law's colleague's emails today! If you said Stalker Girl, you guessed right! And yes, the overuse of exclamation points is a result of my pretending I'm excited about this, and not really freaking out! So, I apologize in advance, but I can't stop!

Because one never knows where Stalker Girl is, and because one never wants to know, one doesn't write details about her in a public venue--or about one's brother-in-law, who has to deal with this, too. But lemme give you the highlights of the email she sent to someone my bil has worked with and respects greatly.

According to Stalker Girl:

1. My BIL (who is a writer for a well-known periodical) is personally responsible for a recent widely covered news event in which a public figure publicly lost his mind and did some really stupid things. BIL arranged for this to happen, she says, so that he could write about said mind losing.

2. This is par for the course, since said BIL's brother (that's Baroy, making his de rigeur appearance in each one of her ramblings) has a history of drugging, raping, videotaping and blackmailing women.

3. It's also par for the course because said BIL's OTHER brother rigged an election on behalf of [insert name of lady running for the presidency].

4. BIL has to be stopped. His colleague--the one to whom the email was addressed--needs to stop him.

I should mention, I suppose, that this colleague is a very well known person, someone whose name probably three-quarters of you would know immediately, and the other quarter would need only a very slight bit of info to have it click into place. So not only is there the whole stress-spiking issue of her turning up again, a good year and a half after the last salvo, but there is also the sheer embarrassment of having this psychotic rambling directed at people whom we (i.e., BIL, Baroy, and the rest of the family) respect and to whom we really would rather not have had to explain why this person is doing and saying the things she does and says.

Not that the line about Lady Candidate is explainable, mind you. Because...what? Huh? It sort of defines the term non-sequiteur.

But, whatever. We do what we have to do. It's just disappointing, is all. Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water...

It never. fucking. ends.


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