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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Just a few photos I downloaded from my camera yesterday and decided to share...Aren't you lucky?

This was N's Valentine's 'card' to us--a fridge magnet/self-portrait he'd done in the computer lab at school. It's a pretty good likeness, too! Makes me smile every time I pass it.

Thanks to some Chanukah gift certificates from my mom, Baroy and I were able to buy ourselves a new comforter set...the first new comforter in at least 10 years. It wasn't unti lI got it home that I realized how perfectly it provides camouflage to Benni, one of our two cats.

I had taken this fall foliage photo to prove to you all that we *do* get fall color in Southern California, especially up here in the foothills where I live. But when I think about it, the fact that I took this photo while walking home from my friend Susanna's house in late December in a short-sleeved shirt...well, maybe it doesn't QUITE make the point as well as I thought it did.

Who, me? Rubbing it in? Nahhhhhhh...

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