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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Heard in the Kinder Classroom This Morning

As I was filing the kids' work, the new teacher, Ms. F, was going through the morning activities with the kids.

At one point, she told them that, as of next week, they would no longer be allowed to get a toy after collecting 10 Super Stars (a daily reward for good individual behavior), but would have to wait until they got 12 Super Stars.

"How many more Super Stars do you need now, if you used to have to get 10, but now you have to get 12." She points to a girl raising her hand. "Rachel?"

But before Rachel can answer, Tom shouts out, "Two!"

Ms. F frowns at Tom. "Let Rachel answer, Tom. Rachel?"

"Two!" Rachel answers proudly.

"Great! And how do you know that?" asks Ms. F.

"Because Tom said so!"

The kids are learning about coins, and trying to amass the same number of cents as the number of days they've been in school (71). They were up to 66 cents.

"Now what coin should you ask for?" Ms. F inquires of Jean, who is raising her hand.

"A nickle!" Jean exclaims.

Clearly thrilled that a kindergartner was able to do that sort of math, Ms. F exclaims, "Right! And why did you ask me for a nickle?"

Beaming, Jean replies, "Because I like money!"


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