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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Mom In The Classroom

Because I can't let sleeping dogs lie...and because even though I know that Jane wasn't really talking about me when she recently talked about how teachers really don't like having all these overinvolved parents in their classrooms I still have to have the last word...I give you this, from our local newspaper, in an article talking about how N's kindy teacher, the incredible Mrs. W, was honored as Teacher of the Year from our school district:

One of [Mrs. W's] goals for students is to include paents in their children's learning experience.

"There is a volunteer parent in my class every single day," W said. "I want to give the parents the opportunity to experience their children in a different way. I encourage parents to engage with their children."

My point? She WANTS me there. Really she does. I'm not smothering my kid; I'm experiencing my child in a different way.

And fulfilling what seems to be a life-long mission to suck up to every teacher I've ever had or met. But don't tell Jane I admitted that.

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