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Friday, December 16, 2005

Four For Eight...Or Is That Three For Eight...But Definitely Two for Eight!

I couldn't wait any longer to go back and see how I'd done with last year's resolutions, especially since I couldn't remember what resolutions I'd made. And now that I've done it, I'm...well, frankly, I'm underwhelmed.

1. Sign a contract to write another book.
Nope. Not so much.

2. Make significant progress on my 'memoir'--or, preferably, finish it.
Depends on what you call significant. It's longer than it was this time last year. But it's not anywhere near "finished."

3. Summon up the courage to begin an actual novel. It's time.
Not even a little bit.

4. Finish and self-publish my family cookbook.
Sob. I really wanted to do this. Instead, I didn't even move it along.

5. Exercise needs to be part of my life again. I miss running, but it may not be possible with whatever I've done to my knee. But that doesn't mean I can't do a lot of walking, or find something else that fits into my lifestyle and time constraints.
Now, THIS I've done. I'm now walking four or five times a week (or more on the weeks when I'm not working too much) and logging quite a few miles, too. Yay me!

6. Continue on--or, rather, return to--my weight-loss journey.
Again, I guess this depends on your point of view. I didn't get anywhere dieting this year, and in fact ended up gaining another eight to ten pounds. BUT, when I stopped taking Effexor and started taking Celexa, I dropped between six and eight of those pounds. So, it's possible that by January 1 I will be at or below the weight I decided would be my goal sometime this summer, but it's through no effort of my own.

7. Find time for my tatting and cross stitching, because even if they're old lady crafts, and even if they make most people's eyes glaze over, they make me happy.
Nope. No time for tatting. Boohoo.

8. Find time for reading. My goal: to finish reading 25 books this year. I don't think I finished reading five last year, and I miss it. I did have an excuse, but this year...no excuses.
Oy. Another one that depends on definitions. I didn't "read" 25 this year, though I got a lot closer than I'd have thought. But if you count audiobooks, then I read a whole lot more. So...I dunno.

Soon to come: Lists of the books I read this year, the books I heard this year, and my resolutions for next year. No, no, really, TRY to contain your excitement, folks. You're just embarrassing yourselves.

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