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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Things I Learned About My Son At His Evaluation Yesterday

1. N knows his telephone number. I think I've told it to him twice, in preparation for trying to make sure he knows his phone number and address before kindergarten. I would have sworn up and down that he couldn't even recall the first three numbers, and then he goes and rattles it off like it's his name. WTF?

2. Despite the fact that I told the psychologist questioning us while the other four young ladies cooed and gooed and laughed and squealed over N (sigh...so much for my conundrum; he fell in love immediately and flirted his little heart out, and they are SO going to think I'm insane for asking for an evaluation) that N really doesn't express things like being hungry, but will rather wait for us to ask him what he wants for any given meal, he then turned around no more than ten minutes later and announced, "I no want to do this any MORE! I HUNGRY!" Yeah, thanks for that backup, kid.

3. When asked, "What do you do if a stranger comes up to you and asks you to get in a car with him?" N replied, "Say PLEASE!" And then looked all proud of himself. Note to self: Stop working on phone number. Start working on stranger danger.

4. He's really smart, probably smarter than even I thought. The supposed-to-be two-hour testing took three, partly because they're using a new test that they're not quite as used to and so it slowed them down, but also--they told me--because it took a long time to get him to hit a "ceiling" on the test. So, for instance, when they were looking to see what sort of number knowledge he has, they had him count, then checked if he recognized written numbers, then wanted to see if he has one-to-one correspondence down, then asked him to do some simple addition with objects...and when he'd apparently aced all of that stuff, they moved on to seeing if he could do written arithmetic questions. I wasn't able to watch too much of his testing, being that I was answering a slew of questions with Baroy, but at one point I turned around to see one of the ladies reveal a line of 3 + 2 = ___ problems, and I was shocked. I doubt he got any of them right; he's all of 4.5 and I've never done that sort of workbooky stuff with him. But still, to realize that he's already at that level in math was kind of impressive to me, in my braggy-mommy way.

5. There really is not a single young lady who he can't charm, and with whom he will not flirt.

6. We are SO not going to get any services out of this school district. But at least I ended up making friends with the psychologist, who actually works at our elementary school, so it will be easier to go to her formally or informally in the future if we run into problems. (Not that I'm giving up on this quite yet...not until *I* am convinced he's really doing fine...but it may not be a battle I can win.)

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