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Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Quick Update

As my friend Hilary noticed before even I did--she's a sharp one, that woman--today, Salon published my response to the responses to my original letter to Ayelet. (And if you understood that, you're a better man than I.) You can find it here; it's the last letter in the batch.

And for those who can't get to Salon...
Oh, for crying out loud, people! Has every single person in this world lost their sense of humor? The story I related about the "we hire people" comment -- said by my sister, mind you, not myself -- was clearly tongue-in-cheek, clearly exploiting a stereotype. Or so I thought. Except, apparently, there is no such thing as a sense of humor anymore. Do I need to start using emoticons?

I'm tempted here to put in a whole paragraph about my and my Jewish husband's bona fides regarding home repair. But that would imply that there is a reason to do so. You do your own fix-it jobs? You go, Jewish boy/girl. But while you're doing it, you might want to twiddle with the setting on your internal humor thermostat. I think it's set a little low.

And, oy. Give me some credit for knowing to whom I'm speaking. This is a liberal-leaning Web journal/magazine/newspaper/lifeline: I think it's safe to assume that when I respond to a column written here, I'm not writing to a neo-Nazi organization. And so, as far as I'm concerned, the next person who wants to give me an earful about how I'm perpetuating stereotypes and inciting prejudice can come and kiss my daughter-of-a-Holocaust-survivor butt.
I feel much better now, knowing I got the last word in. Well, I feel better about that issue, at least. More on the other issues about which I don't feel better later.

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