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Friday, June 24, 2005


I planned to sit down for a while and write about how sad, miserable, unhappy, unmotivated, alone, apathetic, antisocial and persecuted I feel. I mean, it's lunch time, after all, so I can step back from all the work I've been doing today to...bwahahahahahahahahaha! (And to think I almost got through that whole bullshit sentence with a straight face.) But I almost literally can't stomach the thought.

It's not that I'm not feeling sad, miserable, unhappy, unmotivated, alone, apathetic, antisocial and persecuted. I am and I am and I am and I am and I am and I am and I am and I am. But I'm tired of hearing myself talk about it and whine about it and snivel about it, even if almost all of that talking and whining and sniveling is only happening inside my head. I am, as I have said so many times before, totally over me.

Well, maybe not totally. I could use just a tetch of sympathy about one thing I haven't made myself bored senseless thinking about.

Here's the backstory: Ayelet Waldman wrote a piece on Salon.com about how her husband does all the fix-it stuff around the house, making comment as she went about how part of this might be a "Jewish thing." It made me laugh. Then, someone-who-might-or-might-not-be-me-writing-under-my-real-name wrote what that someone thought was a tongue-in-cheek letter in reply about how things are similar in my...I mean, her...house, and how her sister once made a humorous comment about the religion-and-home-repair situation.

Today, Salon published responses to those responses, and among them were several lambasting someone-who-might-or-might-not-be-me-writing-under-my-real-name. Said person was upset, incensed even. I have information leading me to believe that that someone has written yet another letter to Salon--this time, though, I hear tell she thinks it unlikely that it will see print, since she's betting Salon is getting tired of this debate. According to said writer, the response (which she forgot to copy before sending) contained lines that said something like, "If you do your own home repair, then you go boy/girl. But maybe next time you're fixing things you could check on your internal humor thermostat," and "If anyone else has anything to say about how I'm insensitive to the Jewish plight, perpetuating stereotypes, and inciting prejudice, they can kiss my daughter-of-a-Holocaust-survivor butt."

So my question is: Out of proportion? Appropriately annoyed? Clearly suffering withdrawal symptoms from the rapidly lowering dose of FXor in her/my body? You can tell her/me. She/I may very well bite your head off for it, but you can tell her/me.

[I know many of you aren't Salon Premium customers, but I just couldn't cut-and-paste the whole thing. You can always watch the silly commercial and get a day pass if you really want to read what all this is about. I'm not sure it's worth your time, but you can make that decision for yourself.]

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