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Sunday, February 27, 2005

A Little Less Tired of Me

So on Friday I continued to struggle to stay awake, but halfway through the day Baroy called to tell me he officially got this new writing gig that had suddenly come up just a few days earlier, and it's decent-paying and only part time and potentially long term. So that woke me up some. But I was still feeling pretty crabby, which is totally unlike me. Because, you know, money. Real money. From someone other than me.

Then, on Saturday, I went out with my girlfriends to a wine-tasting bar and a grown-ups' restaurant, and we practically closed the place down and nearly killed ourselves laughing about whatever it was the valet could have been doing behind the wheel of my big old fire-engine-red minivan that caused him to spring from the car--one of only a few left in the formerly packed parking lot--when we appeared. So, OK, the wine and huge plate-o'-beef I consumed didn't really wake me up, per se, in the physical sense, but the emotional good more than undid any setback caused by that headache I woke up with this morning. I was much less cranky, if you discount my desire to behead my husband when he made me 45 minutes late for starting the evening. And you do have to discount it, since that was totally justified. I mean, really. Forty-five minutes late. On a girls' night out. Which we get once every, what?, six months maybe? Unh-unh. Not cool.

And then this evening we hosted a housefull of these same friends, along with their hubbies and offspring, and ate and drank and screamed over all the noise and oh, yeah, watched the Oscars, which was supposedly the point, but wasn't, not that there was a point. And I wasn't tired, and I wasn't cranky. At all. And really, I say that it's all because of friends and drink and fun things to do and no more virus. And nothing to do with the fact that...well...let's just say that if perchance the mood and the tiredness were to have had anything to do with PMS, they would be gone now because I am no longer pre. But even though they are gone now, it has nothing to do with that. It has to do with me, triumphing over incipient depression and irritable anxiety. Try to tell me otherwise, and I'll hurt you.

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