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Monday, July 12, 2004

Outed Again!

So, as usual, my brother-in-law came over on Saturday to have dinner with us and play with the kids. (World's Greatest Uncle. And I'm not just saying that because I'm about to reveal that he found my blog, and because he might be reading this right now. Really.) He's sitting at the kitchen table with Baroy when he suddenly says, "You know that your Little Coconut thing is searchable online, don't you?"

I believe my brilliant response went something like this: "Huh?"

Turns out, he'd been looking for mentions of his new book--a must-read, by the way--and came upon Natalie's blog, where there was a mini-review of the book...and a mention of me. So he clicked the link, and wound up here.

And through the discussion, there's my husband, sitting at the table, looking only slightly confused. So, finally, I just had to say, "Oh, yeah, I really was going to tell you. I have this blog, see..."

He thought he had already known, it turns out. So it wasn't the big issue for him that is't been for me, the whole 'should I or shouldn't I' thing. He doesn't "do" the blog thing--doesn't read any, doesn't have one--and said he wouldn't look for mine, anyway, so that I could say whatever I want to about him. (At which point I noted that having a fairly firm "no dissing coworkers or husband" rule on my blog was a good thing, considering that both coworkers and husband's family members had found the thing, despite my attempts at being icognito...) I was trying to explain to him what I said in a previous post about why I was keeping this a quasi-secret from him, but he wasn't completely buying it, I think. No matter. If he does end up deciding to come and check this out, then he's going to see that I'm not saying anything nasty about him. But he's also going to learn way too much about my panic attacks and my occasional bouts of I-wanna-be-a-SAHM resentment and the like, which I put here because I don't think they need to be pounded home at home as often as I need to get them off my chest, and which will only serve to make him feel bad.

So, if you're here and you're either Baroy or my bil or someone else in my immediate family who hasn't mentioned finding this to me...Hi. Welcome. I'd say make yourself comfortable, but that might be difficult. Still, it's a free web. And it's your call whether you really want to hear what I have to say. If you do, remember to take it with a grain of salt. This is a journal. It's not a historical document. The facts presented are the ones I see. The feelings presented are the ones I feel. But only right this second. By the time you read this, everything may have changed...

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